17. Juli
18. Juli

Silicon Valley Pitch Coaching für Gründungsteams

Ort: EIT ICT Labs CLC, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7

1. Requirement: Applying start-ups should have

  • Market traction / customers / success stories
  • Unique technology
  • An European focus 
  • The will to come to Germany or work with partners in Germany
  • Investment need (seed stage up to 1 Mio. Euro)

2. Content of pitch coaching

  • Learn How To: Present the “Perfect Pitch”
  • Present a dynamite 1 minute and 5 minute Pitch
  • Learn the 5 Things NOT to say
  • Receive personalized coaching on your pitch and coach other participants on theirs: key message, voice-tone, body language, differentiators, competition, business model and more
  • Develop your Value Proposition/Elevator Speech
  • Fine-tune your pitch to what investors, potential clients and partners really want to know

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